Thursday, May 08, 2003


My Sunday Sabbatical did take place. It was a pleasure to take such a small break from blogging. Now, I'm back. I have loads more to write about and I'm going to go about that later.

One thing though, why do so many bloggers use the word 'hiatus' when they refer to a break from blogging? Is this some sort of blog lingo? When I first came across this word on a blog, it was cool. I found a new word for my vocabulary databank. When I started seeing the same word popping up all over the place, it seems that people are just trying to act cool or be in the 'in' crowd of the information superhighway's D-I-Y publishing (I could have just used the word "blogging") community. Can't people simply use a simple word like 'break'? Maybe our society has ingrained in us that taking a break is a sin and in order to feel less guilty, people use words like 'hiatus' to make a break seem more acceptable.

I shall conclude this entry with this: I had a good Sunday break from blogging and I'm going to take another next week and have a Happy Deepavali.